Everything You Need to Know about ‘The Lost Legends’

What is it? The Lost Legends: Tales of Myth and Magic is a collection of short stories I’ve put together. It’s filled with new writing by some very talented authors (some you may have heard of) and a little storytelling of my own even managed to get in there.

Yeah, but what’s it about? It’s a fantasy anthology, so every story contains some magic. Some of them resemble a Lord of the Rings setting, while others could take place down the street from you. There’s even one about a vampire.

When does it release? August 27.

Is it an e-book, or a real book I can hold in my hands? Both!

Can I pre-order? Yes, go get it right now!

Pre-Order? What’s that? If you’re a Kindle user, pre-ordering means you buy it now and it magically shows up on your device on release day. And writers love pre-orders. (This has gone well for me so far; three weeks before its release, The Lost Legends broke into the top 100 fantasy anthology books on Amazon.)

Great. I want to pre-order the physical version! Thanks, but for some reason Amazon only lets me set up pre-orders for the e-book. For a “real” copy, you’ll have to wait until release day, Aug. 27. Follow my Amazon writer profile if you want helpful reminders sent to you.

Does this book look cool? I don’t want to hold a book that looks dumb. The inside and outside have been professionally designed by the incomparable Ryan Swindoll, whose print design work has always impressed me. I couldn’t be happier to have him on board, and the book looks great. Seriously, go look at it.

How about the writing? Is it any good? I brought an experienced editor on board this project to make sure the writing never lagged. Her meticulous work, combined with the talent of the writers, made The Lost Legends into a collection you’ll enjoy reading over and over again.

Can I walk into a store and just buy it? No…but you could, because I’ve made sure to make it available for retailers. It’s not easy for authors to get their own books on the shelf, but customers can help with that. So, call your local bookstore or library and ask them to stock The Lost Legends:Tales of Myth and Magic from Archgate Press, ISBN 9781085862158. It just might work.

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