Follow My Wife’s Hat Across Prince Edward Island!

green field

Prince Edward Island is God’s labyrinth. You can never see far on the island due to the tall green hills and roll up and down, obscuring your sight of the sea. (And your parked car that you just walked away from two minutes ago.)



I should have brought a cutlass. To find this lighthouse, we left our rental car by a dirt road and then pushed through shoulder-high grass, following the sounds of ocean waves. The breeze flapped our clothes while the gross bowed to the wind like a congregation taking to prayer.



The lighthouses turned out to be a lot smaller than I expected. Just the size of a two-story house, usually. The style, however, is classic and iconic. Neat and trim, with a flair of nostalgia.



The inland sights are a naturalist’s dream. This wooden pier reaches across a large lake where freshwater creatures abound underfoot, and it’s only a stone’s throw from the Atlantic.



Here, the red rocks famously jut their chins toward the east, turning our eyes to an endless ocean that seemed to rise over our heads. I surely sound naive, but those of us who live our lives far inland can’t help but stare at the way the ocean rises up like a mountain.



It’s not all green hills and thick forests. Around every edge you’ll find picturesque beaches where the water is so clear you can watch the crabs side-walk past your feet. And if you’re not accustomed to that, you might get laughed at by the locals for stepping away from those (apparently) harmless wanderers.




Getting lost in the wondrous rows of green is the best vacation you’ll ever know. Unlike a maze, the purpose of a proper labyrinth is to allow the walker a chance to meditate as they make their way through each path, and Prince Edward feels like it was designed just for that goal.



One of the many sites dedicated to Anne of Green Gables, a simple story that has encouraged many souls. We met visitors from all over the world, and hardly a summer passes without international couples visiting to take their wedding vows in one of the author’s many homes.



My wife. The finest sight on the island, if you ask me!


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