Conversations in My Head: Waiting for Old Navy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAId: “Our new jeans left El Paso but won’t arrive until…Friday? They could be here today! It’s possible to get here in one day from El Paso.”

Ego: “Don’t be ridiculous, Id. You know it takes time for a bureaucracy to do simple things like deliver your jeans. Settle down.”

Id: “What if I met the driver and took them from his truck? We could meet them halfway.”

Ego: “You’d have to leave work and drive all day, and somehow find that one truck on the highway. And for what? It’s just jeans. Our inner stoic would say–”

Id: “We wouldn’t need an inner stoic if we had jeans with stretchy waist bands!”

Ego: “We wouldn’t need jeans with stretchy waist bands if you wouldn’t hog tamales like it’s the end of the world.”

Superego: “I told you morons on Sunday to opt for quick delivery or you’d be stuck in this conversation all week! But does anyone listen? No…no one listens to Superego…”

Id: “…”

Ego: “…”

Id: “Who let him out?”

Ego: *puts fingers in ears* “Not listening. La, la, la…”

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