Christmas in Bed

Apparently I was on the “naughty” list, this year, but instead of giving me a lump of coal Santa threw fistfuls of pollen into our air vents. I woke up on Christmas Day (eventually) and struggled to open my eyes.

After eating breakfast and opening my wife’s thoughtful presents I retreated to the covers.

I laid on my back and just as I dozed off and my wife’s cat came along and began an extensive attack on my man parts. (I think he’s jealous.) I awoke in painful delirium and tried to fight him off. He calmed down, eventually, and immediately fell asleep and stayed that way for a few hours. I didn’t know I was being photographed, but it’s a fun test for our new camera. I’ve always wondered what I look like when I sleep, and apparently it’s like when Homer thinks about donuts. (Which may not be far off.)

I don’t remember any of this. Somehow I got on the wrong end of the bed, and you can see that my cat thinks I’m in her personal space. Notice my wife’s evil cat in the background, plotting his next move. I’ll have to be ready.

Other than Desmond’s battle with my “area” I had a great Christmas and I loved the time I spent with my family. I wish this could happen every month.

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