Going Through Old Shirts can be Depressing

Yesterday, the wife and I were cleaning out some old stuff and I decided to donate my old shirts to charity.  (I have a rule that says anything I don’t wear is something I don’t need, so a shirt that hasn’t left the drawer in a year must leave and go to someone who needs it.)  I didn’t realize how depressing it could be.

I picked up a black t-shirt from a film group I was a part of after college.  I really thought I could make good movies, but it didn’t work out.

Another shirt came from a band I was involved with; it reminded me of LOTS of bands I’ve played with that you’ve never heard of.

Something from an old job that fired me.

Another from an old college where I was working on a Master’s degree (but had to drop out when I lost my job).

And one more from a professional certification course I began but can’t seem to finish.  (Notice that these shirts and my relevant failures have gotten progressively more boring.)

Now I know why those things sat at the bottom of the drawer.

The t-shirts that don’t remind me of failure come from donating blood, but those are usually terrible looking shirts that go to Goodwill very quickly, so they weren’t around to boost my confidence.  I just need one that says, “I Failed at More Stuff Than You!”

So, I’ve decided that I’m at an age where I no longer want to juggle ten hobbies and then watch them all fail.  I need to pick something and accomplish it without letting a few other things get in the way.

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