New Favorite Band – Robert Plant and the Band of Joy

Robert Plant is famous for being the lead singer of my previous favorite band – Led Zeppelin (but I’m sure you knew that, already).  While hanging out in our hotel in San Antonio, the wife and I caught an amazing performance on TV by his current group – The Band of Joy.  We spent every second of the performance in awe.

The band actually has a long history reaching back before Led Zeppelin, but this current lineup is really great.  He’s playing with some of Nashville’s best musicians, including Byron House (who played bass with Bebo Norman and Caedmon’s Call).  The music has some elements of the old folky/acoustic stuff Led Zeppelin would do, and some traditional bluegrass stuff (they even do a Willie Nelson song).  It’s amazing.  Listen.

(These two songs are great.  There’s one more I really love that you can listen to at Groove shark.  Check it out after you listen to these.)

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