The Greatest Machine Ever Built

I eat frugal lunches.  Except on Saturday – on Saturdays I splurge and really treat myself.  And I visit The Greatest Machine Ever Built (or, T.G.M.E.B.).

I leave the office and walk across the street where I pass by Chik-fil-A, an independent burger joint, a long line outside of Digg’s Tacos, and Jimmy John’s Sandwiches to get to my favorite lunch destination: 7-11.

I get what’s called a “nacho boat” and take it to T.G.M.E.B.  (Pictured.)

It’s beautiful.
Then I top if off with some spicy wings and a Dr Pepper. 
Best lunch ever.

(Those of you who are prepared to criticize me for being unhealthy should look to the right at the picture of me at the top of a mountain and let me know if I’m out of shape.)


  1. I would never call you out of shape. But I would call that lunch disgusting! Then again, cheese in liquid form, from any place, makes me gag.


  2. I love cheese flavored sauce. I eat it all the time. It's the cheapest food available in the mall, and I love how it soaks into the overly yellow corn chips. mmmm. I doubt I could pass up a Jimmy John's on a regular basis though: their sandwiches are great.


  3. It's like a crystal ball: Press the button on the left to see what's going to happen to you later on, press the button on the right to see what will be coursing through your arteries in a few years!


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