The Sun Sets on a Tough Semester

In a few days, the Fall 2010 semester will finally be over, for me.  I just turned in the last assignment for my Old English class, and I’ll spend the rest of the week amending my lengthy paper for a class I’m taking on the concept of time.  I’m glad it’s ending, because it’s been a rough semester.

As most of you know, I’m not only a grad student – I have a full-time job as an A/V programmer at the school.  That’s enough work for one person, and my job has been busier this semester than any previous time.  I’ve been taking two classes in the midst of this.  One is the Old English course, in which I am expected to remember if “mǣġþum” is dative or accusative. (Trick question – those are the same in Old English!  Oh, man…)  It’s been a fun class, but I often considered quitting school altogether when I had to obsess over these linguistic details.  What a drag.  But Anglo-Saxon documents are fascinating and it was worth the trouble.

In my evening class, after a long day of particularly irritating problems at the office I was once asked to explain Hawking’s theories on non-absolute space to a group of historians.  Then I was asked about black holes (which is easier).  We had been reading Hawking’s Brief History of Time, which is a wonderful read, and even though I enjoyed it I found it difficult to switch gears into “astro-physics” mode in a social science course.

I am really glad that I took both of these classes, but it can be a handful.  But I’ll be even more glad when it’s all over.  Almost there.

  1 comment for “The Sun Sets on a Tough Semester

  1. Anonymous
    December 13, 2010 at 8:04 am

    Haha, searched up your blog with the phrase “it's been a rough semester” and coincidentally, I'm from the Dallas area as well. Attending UT Dallas as an undergrad and studying electrical engineering here (*snore!*).


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