Baptist Wax.

My new favorite blog is The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” “Quotation Marks.” It displays different signs each day that include misappropriations of quotation marks which result in humorous possible misunderstandings.; for example, when someone writes “don’t” step on the grass – are they being sarcastic when they say “don’t”?

Recently, they featured this gem:

I’m a baptist and I can tell you that the Pentecostals pretty much have this market cornered with their anointing oil. (But market research speculates that there is room in the industry for a counter product such as Baptist Wax which is applied to the entire body and the believer’s car rather than just being poured over the affected area.)

Here’s another favorite:

Imagine selling someone fruit spread by making quotation marks in the air with your fingers while saying that the product includes actual fruit. Probably not a good move. Anyway, when you’re bored with that blog check out the Apostrophe Abuse blog.

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