Pastor Asks Church Members to Have Sex Every Day for a Week. Expects Low Evening Attendance.

Ed Young made waves this week by asking the married couples in his congregation to have sex every day for a week. (That’s peanuts, this guy asked his congregation to do it for 30 days straight.) I don’t know why, but these stories always get a lot of press. It didn’t make news when my pastor preached on loving gays or when we built homes for the homeless, but asking married people to get it on will, apparently, get your church into the paper.

This request can sound silly to some people, but it’s really a great idea for older couples that have gotten out of the habit. Sex, for a married couple, is emotionally intimate and is an extension of the trust and happiness that the two people find in each other, among other things. (I understand that the sex that goes on at college drinking parties is quite different, but we’re not talking about that, today.) In order for a married couple to have sex for seven days on end, they must not go to bed angry with one another for that long. If the two are lecturing each other about what they did wrong that day or harboring some unspoken bitterness, you can bet that their evenings will be uneventful.

It isn’t completely about the sex. (But, it is mostly about the sex.) In general, a married couple that has regular sex is getting along well, thus the couple is happy and the home is more stable, which is good for the children. (Who are bound to come along if this trend keeps up.)

I’m glad that this sort of thing has caught on in churches and I hope that married couples everywhere can learn to benefit from it. (Here’s more on the idea behind this challenge, if you are interested.)

  2 comments for “Pastor Asks Church Members to Have Sex Every Day for a Week. Expects Low Evening Attendance.

  1. j
    November 19, 2008 at 3:01 am

    hmm so couples need to have more sex and that will fix marriages… hmm so that's what pastors are to be preaching! and here I thought Scripture teaches us to proclaim the excellency of the grace of God and plead with all to repent! đŸ™‚

    This could be his plot to increase his children's ministry! haha kidding… only kidding…

    I don't see anything wrong with it in part, other than it just being a waste of pulpit time that could be spent teaching righteousness…

    Worst case scenario though, what if you have a couple on the verge of divorce and in serious need of Christian counseling… they receive this challenge from their Pastor whom they respect and trust. So instead of counseling they have sex once a night for a week or whatever. Now they aren't full vested in the act (other than the physical) and sex can't heal the scars from arguments, mean things that have been said, etc… but they conceive a child during this week.

    Children are an amazing blessing from God. A true gift. However, if that child is now tossed into the middle of a hurting marriage and the sex didn't strengthen or fix things, then what happens now? Will that child be raised and nurtured the way that it should be? A baby is a blessing, but also a TON of work. Sleepless nights, fatigue, random crying. If a marriage is already in trouble or weakened and in need of counseling. The fatigue and sleepless nights will only add to the problem.

    Just thinking out loud… and wondering if Pastor Young is being wise with his words to his flock…



  2. j
    November 19, 2008 at 3:02 am

    oh and your church may not have been glorified on earth for your efforts but they will be in Heaven! bro! I know you know that but I just wanted to say that I always love and appreciate (and pray for) churches I hear of that are actually doing what Christ commanded and that is to Love as HE loved.


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