My Awesome Pedal Board

At last, my foot is complete!

In Star Wars, a Jedi has to prove himself to his peers by building his own light saber. In the world of guitar, it’s pedal boards. Here’s mine:

Here’s what’s on it, starting on the top-left corner:

Fender PT-100 Pedal Tuner – Nice for tuning silently while the front person in the band is introducing a song, or tuning during a song. It’s also pretty inexpensive for a tuner.

DOD overdrive/preamp 250 re-issue pedal – Best value on an overdrive pedal and I never turn it off because it gives more fullness to any sound I use. I keep it on a low setting, so I can use it on soft, clean sounds to make sure my sounds are not too thin, but when I use my amp/gear to dial in a heavier sound it helps boost that sound as well. Great pedal. They could call it the ‘shot-in-the-arm’ pedal.

Digitech Screamin’ Blues – An odd pedal. Seems like a blues pedal, and who am I to argue? But it’s more like an overdrive/preamp pedal mixed with a BBE sonic stomp, which means it helps me shape my tone and will add a warm overdrive to my sound while it cleans it up. Really useful for making a normal sound crunchier without it getting too distorted. Very useful pedal in an unorthodox way.

Boss SuperOverdrive SD-1 Pedal – I step on this almost every time I play a solo. It’s turned down so that it just raises my volume and adds a certain type of overdrive that allows my guitar to stand out without coloring my tone greatly. It’s the best way I know to boost your signal for a guitar solo at half the price of a signal booster. Also, on clean tones it adds just enough to give me a nice, warm, barely overdriven sound I can strum without any distortion. Very useful.

Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah Pedal – This wah is swtichless, which means…best. wah. ever. I step on it (no buttons to push) and it gives me the most beautiful sounds, then I just walk away. It springs back up into place and turns off on it’s own. Like a robot. (Excpet, it’s just a spring.) it’s my favorite pedal and it is extremely expressive if you spend time getting used to it’s countour. Beautiful.

Steve Vaie Lil Aligator Volume Pedal – I don’t listen to Steve Vai, but I like his pedals. This one has a minimum volume knob which I use to take the guess work out of reducing my volume. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but when you need to have perfect volume cuts every time it really does the trick and, just like the last pedal, it’s built like a tank so I can step on it all day and not worry about it.

No delay pedals? No rotary, tremelo, flanger, distortion, reverb? Not on the board, I play through a Behringer V-ampire LX210 Amp that has more effects than you can shake a stick at, so I don’t need those pedals. That makes my life much easier. With these pedals and that amp, almost any sound is possible. And I play one of these:

The brown one.

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    March 5, 2010 at 5:25 am

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