Concert Review – Boston and Styx 6/24/2008 Grand Prairie, TX

A year ago, my wife and I were celebrating our honeymoon by visiting Boston, Mass. This week, we are celebrating our 1st anniversary and last night we watched Boston,the band, in concert. (Next year, we’ll read about Boston, or something.) Styx opened the concert and Boston closed, so I’ll review each of them separately.

These guys have still got it. Heck, they’ve got it in spades. The guitar players were flawless and the challenging four-part vocals were great. The keyboard player wowed us with his singing and his spinning keyboard (which is cooler than it sounds.)

My wife and I didn’t really know much of their stuff, just being kids and all, but we became instant fans. They were everything you ever thought a big rock show should be. These guys are legends and it’s easy to see why. Their songs are very complex but also very fun and the band performed these tunes in an exciting way. One of the best shows I have ever seen.

I was very sad when Brad Delp passed away. I don’t really care when celebrities die, but when the lead singer of Boston killed himself I was actually depressed. I also thought I would never get a chance to see them live, I was wrong. Michael Sweet of Stryper has joined them and he is a great addition to the band.

The stage was set up like the inside of a UFO with three ‘windows’ behind the band adorned with geeky lights and electronics that made it look as if we were all in a large UFO watching the concert while outer space scenes on the ‘windows’ made it look like we were flying. Very cool.

The main attraction, however, was Tom Sholz, the only surviving original member. He is an MIT grad who invented new guitar gadgets that were widely used in the 70’s. He is known for being a good basketball player and he built Boston’s recording studio from the ground up. Oh, and he is one of the best guitar players and organ players in rock music. He was fantastic. We saw Van halen earlier this summer and this guy can shred with Eddie. He’s great.

This show was very emotional. They referenced the departred Brad Delp and played some songs in his memory. Hearing the guitar solos to More than a Feelin’ and Foreplay/Longtime was amazing. It was tough to go to a late concert on a Tuesday night, but it was well worth the trouble to see these guys.

At one point, the lead singer of STYX decided to sing a war protest song and introduced it by making an immature jab at President Bush. Conversly, when it was time for Boston to start their set the only political reference they made was getting the crowd to rise to their feet when they played the Star Spangled Banner. Even though a few of the guys in Boston campaigned for Mike Huckabee, they kept their politics out of things. It was appreciated.

  2 comments for “Concert Review – Boston and Styx 6/24/2008 Grand Prairie, TX

  1. Renegade
    June 26, 2008 at 5:13 am

    “On board I'm the captain, so climb aboard. We'll search for tomorrow on every shore”

    ” If it were easy as fishin' I could be a musician If I could make sounds loud or mellow Get a second-hand guitar Chances are I'll go far If I get in with the right bunch of fellows”


  2. July 7, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Just a quick correction or two: Tom is not the only surviving original member, unless you meant the only original member still with the band. 🙂

    Also, no one currently in Boston campaigned for Mike Huckabee. Barry Goudreau, who is still surviving 🙂 and is an original Boston member, played a Boston song with Mike H. on bass. Tom sent a cease and desist letter as soon as he found out. 🙂


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