The Wedding – part 4/The Reception!

Party time at the reception! I saw a lot of great people there and I think this was my favorite part of the wedding.

I’m not a good dancer.

Her dad is a lot better.

Then we posed with our ingraved pie server and I prepared to cut a piece…

…and then my wife grabbed the knife and explained that you used the knife to cut the cake the server was used to serve the pieces…

I knew that. Anyway, there was a lot of dancing.

My groom’s cake got amazing reviews.

When the fun was over we changed clothes and ran out to her car (we were hoping to confuse potential vandalizers by taking her car instead of my own, but the clever delinquents vandalized both our cars) where we were pelted with flower petals.

Someone actually threw a big wad of them and hit me directly in the eye really hard! I suspect Tim.

Anyway, that’s all the romantic stuff, for now. The honeymoon pictures are being developed, but stay tuned if you want to see pictures of us goofing off in Boston. (Which I am sure tops your list of things to do.)

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